I Am A Sex Worker And...

SWOP-Minneapolis recently held a fundraiser for community member Gigi Thomas. During the event, area sex workers had the opportunity to take part in the "I Am" campaign that aims to show how diverse and multifaceted those working in the sex industry truly are.

The concept was simple: Sex workers completed the sentence "I am a sex worker and.." on a piece of paper and hung it on a tree at the fundraiser.

The results reflect the diversity, strength, humor, resilience, gratitude, empowerment, and activism of this engaged community. Below is a representative sample of the sentiment.

I am a sex worker and...

...sometimes my work is painful...but in the end it's worth everything because it brings me joy.

...I don't want to be the punchline of a joke. I dream of a world that recognizes sex work as work and sex workers as people.

...really lucky to have what I have.

...I won't ever stop dreaming.

...want decrim now.

...I am power. I am hunger. I am fate. I am your desire in form.

...a great mother.

...standing in solidarity.

...I'm kind of a prude.

...I love my nipples sucked on.

...an incest survivor and I'm proud of who I grew up to be.

...I love myself.

For more information about SWOP-Minneapolis, please check their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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